Greg Stevenson

Design + illustration


Hackney Council
Cover designs for Hackney Council engagement project reports

Pen and ink llustrations for wedding invitation postcards.

Icon design for an Alexa skill from Webby award-winning Labworks:

Star Commander is a choose your own adventure story that puts you in charge of the Starship Artemis as it begins its fateful mission to explore the outer edges of the galaxy.

The Dreyfuss Affair

The assassination of the Romanovs

Two illustrations from The Mysteries of History: Unravelling the Truth from the Myths of our Past, published by Michael O’Mara Books. 

Hornchurch visual identity
Place branding for Hornchurch in Essex. The town wanted to re-brand their town centre to promote local businesses and civic pride. Based on surveys and focus groups, the idea was to capture the town’s history and friendly village-like feel. I produced brand guidelines and designed posters, hoardings, flyers, loyalty cards, merchandise, social media ads and other assets to launch the brand.

Character design for the launch of the website and app: 
“Rakuten Fits Me combines shopper data with your garment data so shoppers can see exactly how the garment will look and feel.”

Logo design for Oscar: an online system for
improving university application personal
statements and references.

Royal Geographical Society
A series of illustrated infographic posters
for the 21st Century Challenges programme.

Swim school logo
A new swim school that aims to both teach people to swim and to deal with their phobias

London Football Journeys
Publication design for London Football Journeys:
a UK charity that brings young people together
from diverse areas of London to share new
experiences and break down prejudices.

Seeing the Bigger Picture
Michael O’Mara Books
Selected designs for a book of infographics
comparing countries on subjects such as happiness
and homocide.

Cover illustration for Man Up! The Real Man’s Book of Manly Knowledge – a book on how to tickle a trout and break up a dogfight, among other things. 
Michael O’Mara Books
Brush and ink

Wildflower Calendar
Selected illustrations from The Wild Flower
Calendar: a monthly column on
with words from Mathew Clayton.